Supermechanical Aqua Range Smart Thermometer, 6'' round

• Presets and custom temperature alerts - sound and remote notifications to all your 
iOS devices 
• 6" rounded tip 
• Instant read and graphing views 
• Food-safe, heatproof to 450°F, and hand-washable 
• Temperature range: -40ºF to 450ºF (-40ºC to 230ºC) 
• tough 54" high-temperature, moisture-proof silicone cable that connects to the Range 
app on your iPhone or iPad 
Every cook can use an assistant like Range. Send remote alerts to other iPhones and 
iPads, anywhere, and save graphs of your recipes — all in an incredibly accurate 
thermometer that you can leave in your oven or grill. Just like your recipes, we made it 
with love and the best ingredients — US-built food-safe silicone and stainless steel. 
Range helps you achieve great results with less effort. 
Aqua Range features a 6” round tip to reach deep into your best pot without scratching 
it. It's ideal for beer brewing, frying, candy, yogurt and cheese making, or barbecuing an 
extra large brisket. 
Do you know how inaccurate your oven is? Roast or grill it your way to get as tender as 
you like without sacrificing food safety. Make perfectly soft-boiled eggs sous-vide style. 
Explore the hidden world of your brews, confections and meats with the graphing view. 
Use Range with your iPad as a leave-in kitchen thermometer and watch the graph of 
temperature over time. Save the data so you can recall what works and what doesn't for 
your recipe. Or, use Range as an instant read thermometer and set alerts to let you 
know when your candy has hit the hard ball stage. Download the Range app, plug 
Range into your iPhone (compatible with iOS 5.1+) and you're on your way to your 
tastiest meal yet. 
Aqua Range features a 6" round tip with a food-safe, eco-friendly silicone handle that 
clips easily on to the side of pots — keeping your hands free for cooking. The 54” 
silicone cable gives you space to keep your iPhone out of harm's way in your kitchen. A 
thoughtful cable magnet keeps the cord under control and stores neatly in the plug 
when you don't need it.